I’m currently writing a paper fully explaining my findings about the Voynich “bathing” section. I will expand the preliminary identifications made during these last few posts, and add new ones.

Blogs are great for publishing small fragments or ongoing research, but I feel like a serious paper will allow me to better present the results, including all the evidence I usually omit from the blog. This means I probably won’t be posting here for a week or two, but the regular schedule will resume after my paper is finished.

Three identifications in my previous posts were certainly mistaken, I would like to correct those already. The reasons will be explained in the paper:

  • The constellation I identified as Perseus is actually two constellations: Engonasin (Hercules) and Lyra.
  • The constellation I identified as Ursa Major is actually Ursa Minor.
  • The figure facing it from the opposite side of the page is Ursa Major.
  • The “lizard” is still Draco.
  • The figure under Draco that I identified as Ursa Minor is actually the Bear Watcher, Boötes.