After several months’ worth of spare time spent researching and writing, I am finally ready to present my first full-size Voynich related paper. Here is the abstract:

In this paper, I will argue that Quire 13 of the Voynich manuscript depicts the constellations as they were imagined by Greek authors like Aratus, and that the ancient imagery – though stylistically altered by successive copyists – can still be recognized. The original artist made a skilful synthesis of the Greek poetic astronomy on the one hand, and Egyptian concepts like the inundation of the Nile and the cult of Osiris on the other. Finally, all of this has been structured in the form of an overarching narrative drawn from Hellenistic myth.

I have attempted to keep the text pleasant to read for a general audience, while at the same time maintaining some academic standard. Also, there are many pictures.

While writing, it became clear that I would have to limit the scope of the analysis, or I’d be better off writing a book. That is why only f80v is analyzed completely. The other folios are likely to follow in subsequent papers or blog posts.

Download pdf: Koen Gheuens.  A Certain Riddle of the Sphinx. 26/07/2016.